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Our psychotherapy supports you in overcoming emotional pain, dealing with life changes, developing resilience and making better life choices on a consistent basis.
You will experience confidential therapy to work with life’s deepest challenges and open new possibilities.

Who uses psychotherapy?

Our clients are often talented and successful people from many walks of life and nationalities. They bring a broad range of issues.

They often find themselves either in a time of challenge and change or they feel stuck and confused in their lives or relationships.
Gaining clarity, resolution and new direction, as well as developing flexibility and choice, lies at the heart of our work.

This work can range from exploring the big questions of life, such as finding a new life purpose, to urgent present challenges which need immediate attention.

We specialise in dealing with current or past severe traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, stress overload at work and home, and relationship problems.

Alexandra also works with the emotional and psychological aspects of dealing with physical illness and pain, including ways of controlling chronic physical pain.